Spanish brand Alma en Pena now has an App

The Spanish shoe brand Alma en Pena was born in the summer of 2006 with the idea of accompanying modern and modern women, who seek to be comfortable in their daily lives but without giving up their own style that allows them to be perfect.

Their designs are unique and special, that is why they are easily recognizable and present all over the world.

A brand that breathes freshness, passion and, of course, comfort, these are the premises of Alma en Pena that, in each collection, manages to create its own personality using quality materials with trend-setting details.

The design of the models allows today's woman to be perfect every day, in body and Alma.

The team is composed mostly by women, experts in the production and sale of designer shoes for women.

This makes them an example of a fashion company that bets on female talent.

Footwear, clothing and accessories, designed by women for women.

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