RESKYT Partners Program

REVOLUTIONIZE your customers' eCommerce sales.

Take a step further in the digitization of your business by creating your applications.

In Reskyt you will not only find a technological partner, but you will join a team that lives with passion every project they do.

We take care of EVERYTHING:‍
-Demo presentation to your customers.
Creation and design of Apps, Training, and publication in the Google Play and App Store markets.
-Post Sale Support.

Reskyt, the
best ally to create APPS for your customers.

Join the mobile revolution!

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Create your ecommerce App


Less cost, less time and more performance

To develop an APP requires a very high investment in money and time. Reskyt is the most complete and most used platform by eCommerce, eCommerce agencies and digital marketing.

We are endorsed by more than 370 high performance eCommerce

Helps increase your customers' sales

All ecommerce will end up with an APP, don't wait for someone else to do it. Build customer loyalty.

Be the GLOBAL digital solutions partner of your customers!

Freedom to change without programming

The client's marketing manager or their digital marketing agency will be able to make the necessary changes through the platform without the need of a programmer.

Modify menus, submenus, covers, sliders, etc.

Real-time synchronized content

Content changes on the web are instantly synchronized in the App as it directly loads the content from the web.

Welcome to the new generation of APPs Save time!

Faster and more comfortable navigation

The app allows customers to access any section of an ecommerce site much faster than with a browser, improving the user experience.

More comfort, more usability, more sales!

Push Notifications

Thanks to notifications, the App is the best channel to increase loyalty and sales of an eCommerce. With Reskyt you can segment notifications according to interests.

Push notifications have higher conversion than emails

Easy integration with eCommerce tools

Reskyt adapts perfectly with all ecommerce tools: Whatsapp, Oct8ne, Zendesk, Doofinder, Apisearch, Sequra, Google Maps, Google analytics, etc.

It has never been so easy!

Continuous evolution and updates

The Reskyt platform is constantly evolving and offers the latest technology, in new updates, without the need for publication on the App Store and Google Play.

Goodbye to manual updates!

Reskyt offers the best compatibility with the best technologies on the market.

All the tools at your fingertips to create an intuitive app that will boost your eCommerce sales.

Creating an APP has never been so easy!