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The new App for pharmacy ecommerce Galileo Farma

Apps for Pharmacies and parapharmacies: Specialists in creating apps for ecommerce in the pharmaceutical sector.

Galileo Farma is one of the pioneering companies in the pharmaceutical sector, its ecommerce specialized in parapharmacy has a large number of cosmetic products and exclusive parapharmacy brands. With the new App, their customers will improve their shopping experience by being able to make purchases quickly and easily from their mobile device, receive personalized notifications about offers and promotions, track their orders and much more. Within the pharmaceutical sector, parapharmacies have experienced a significant growth in online shopping in recent years, and the App has become a great customer loyalty tool.

According to a recent report, the number of consumers buying medicines and personal care products online has increased significantly worldwide. This trend has further accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as many consumers prefer to shop online to avoid the crowds in physical stores and even though COVID has ended, the habit of shopping online is here to stay. Moreover, drugstore ecommerce offers a wide range of products at competitive prices and fast and convenient deliveries. The pharmacy ecommerce market is expected to continue to grow in the near future.