Padel Nuestro now has its own App

Prestigious omnichannel padel group, with more than 40 physical stores throughout Spain and Europe, is the leading company in the distribution of padel equipment worldwide

The Grupo Pādel Nuestro project continues to grow. Thanks to this, it has become the leading distributor of paddle in Spain and throughout Europe. They are specialists and both in their online paddle store and in their new App you can find a wide selection of paddle blades, shoes, paddle racks, paddle clothing and all kinds of accessories that will help you make the most of your favorite sport.... We guarantee it!!!

Through its online paddle store and its App, all fans can find more than 5,000 references dedicated exclusively to lovers of a discipline that continues to grow in every corner of the world. In turn, they have an extensive catalog in which, day by day, new items are included so that the most demanding padeleros can find the latest news.

Thanks to the collaboration with Reskyt, Grupo Pādel Nuestro has a new and modern tool to respond to the demands of all its customers, who have placed at the center of all its decisions.

A new stage begins for a company with great challenges and challenges for the coming months.

We are Padel!!!

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