The No. 1 Agency in mobile application development in Spain for eCommerce

In 2013 Reskyt was born with its 3 founders, passionate about the world of software and internet. They started this journey as a result of the passion for eCommerce, after seeing the need for online stores to be able to sell through mobile applications.

Their goal went beyond being able to create Apps, they wanted any eCommerce manager or eCommerce Marketing Manager to be able to customize their App or make changes whenever they wanted. Thus was born the first App creation platform for eCommerce, B2B and marketplace in Spain.

Reskyt created one of the first platforms in Europe that allows to adapt to any eCommerce platform (Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, Vtex, Woocommerce, Logicommerce, etc) being its differentiating factor to create Apps completely customized, without templates, combining the best parts of an eCommerce with new native features, achieving, as a result, Apps that improve by far the sales conversion compared to the mobile Web.

Currently, Reskyt has more than 580 Apps and has established itself as one of the most solid platforms in the market. We have a highly experienced team to continue growing and innovating in the world of Apps.
In Reskyt, we have created Apps for all types of eCommerce, from the smallest to the most demanding eCommerce, with 21 million monthly visits .

For three consecutive years our platform has won eAwards as the best App Creation Agency and has obtained the Award for the best platform in Spain at the eCommerce Tools Gala.Β 

Our values are always present


Innovation is the engine that drives our growth and our customers' success.


Our goal is to provide exceptional service for each client, based on speed and efficiency.


We love teamwork, mixing experience and creativity to get the best out of each other.

Our Objectives

Create Apps for any type of ecommerce, whatever your platform (Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, Logicommerce, Vtex, Salesforce, etc).
Thanks to the long history and experience acquired after the realization of more than 370 Apps, today it is one of the most solid platforms on the market, being able to simultaneously support the best eCommerce in Europe.

Reskyt Evolution

Creation of the company Reskyt and start of the programming of the app creation platform.
We continue to evolve the Reskyt platform for better and easier interaction.
πŸš€ Creation of the first app for ecommerce
Automation of the Platform for the creation of Apps and reduce the time to market for the creation of apps.
πŸš€ App plus launch
Adaptation of the platform for corporate websites: gyms, restaurants, city councils, etc.
πŸ† eawards best app creation agency 2016
πŸš€ first apps for high-performance ecommerce
Incorporation of the first native functionalities in the Platform.

Specialization in Apps for eCommerce.

Creation of API Push Notifications.

Integration with eCommerce platforms Prestashop, Magento, osCommerce and Woocommerce.
πŸ† eawards best app building agency 2017
πŸš€ Enterprise App Launch
New UX design in the Platform. Integration with eCommerce, VTEX, Salesforce and Logicommerce platforms.
πŸ† eawards best app building agency 2018
Installation of Amazon Servers. Increased capabilities for the massive sending of millions of Push Notifications.
πŸš€ Possibility of incorporation of native sdk
Adaptation of the platform to be able to install custom SDKs natively.
Start of development for sending push notifications to abandoned carts. Integration with Shopify.
Beginning of the development of the Integration Module for an automated customization of the eCommerce content and thus achieve a better integration with the App.
Incorporation in the platform of integration tools with third parties such as search engines, chatbots and payment gateways.
πŸš€ Release of the integration module.
Programming and incorporation of the Segmentation Module in the Platform.

Integration with all current eCommerce platforms.
We continue to improve the Reskyt Platform for all our customers in order to provide their users with a positive and satisfactory experience.

Our achievements in figures

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