APP RATING: the new Review Marketing option for boosting the ASO positioning of an APP

APP RATING: the new Review Marketing option for boosting the ASO positioning of an APP

Online reviews have become a key tool for businesses to increase sales. In fact, for every positive star on the markets, businesses can increase their turnover by about 8%. 

At Reskyt we are aware of this power and have developed an Organic Review Marketing System that allows businesses to increase their online reputation, improve the ASO positioning of an APP and boost APP downloads. 

This new option is called APP Rating and invites users to leave a review through the App at the moment of greatest satisfaction for a customer, which can be after making a purchase or reservation. 

In this way, businesses can increase their online reputation and improve their ASO positioning, which translates into greater engagement and, by default, an increase in sales.

Negative reviews on mobile apps can arise for a variety of reasons, such as a bad customer experience with the product or service, waiting times in receiving a product, a bad customer service experience, reviews written by competitors, a slow app problem, etc. 

The best way to promote a real valuation of the Apps is to encourage ALL possible customers to leave a review, so that we also have positive reviews. If we do not encourage this action, we will only receive negative ones. 

At Reskyt, we know that reviews are a fundamental part of the success of any business. That's why this new Review Marketing option will allow us to improve the online reputation of all Reskyt Apps.

Starting this month we will be implementing this option in the Integration module for all customers who request it.

Make an appointment to activate it through or call 902.731.998.